TVE Facebook Guidelines

Tri-Valley Explorers is a member-run community of homeschooling families; we encourage and support one another in person and through our Facebook page.  TVE welcomes all who homeschool or are interested in homeschooling.  Our membership reflects the amazing diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.  We accept our differences and are united by homeschooling and our care and concern for our children.

MEMBER SUPPORT:  We ask members to contribute their time/effort to TVE once a year: organize an event, volunteer/help at an event, etc.

ORGANIZING EVENTS:  Members are empowered and encouraged to organize events.  When events are open to all TVE members, please create a Facebook event to announce the event and receive RSVPs.  The event organizer …

      •    decides whether the event is open to TVE members only, or open to the wider homeschool community;

      •    will include organizer contact information (email and/or cell phone) in the event announcement to facilitate last-minute questions;

      •    will post details such as age-group appropriate for the event, cost, etc.;

      •    will post event information, questions, answers, comments, etc. in the original event post, making it easy for all members to find details about the event;

      •    will operate in full transparency, disclosing event costs per participant and an explanation of any additional fees.  TVE does not condone charging additional fees for the service of organizing an event;

      •    greet all attendees at the beginning of the event.

PARK DAYS:  TVE Park Days are our most valuable community activity and are for TVE members only.  Please keep information about our park meeting locations private.  Members may bring guests who are interested in learning more about homeschooling.  Alternatively, members may suggest that their friends send an email to <> to inquire about joining TVE.

      •    We encourage our members to model and assist their children in conflict resolution at all TVE events.  We strive to resolve conflicts immediately to avoid future tensions.

NO DROP-OFF POLICY.  We have a no-drop-off policy for children under age 12.  Parents of children under 12 are expected to attend events with their children OR arrange for a friend who is attending the event to be the responsible adult for their child/children.

TVE TEEN GROUP.  A child (and parent) is welcome to join the TVE Teen Group (with approval of the parent) when they are 12 or order.  If you have a teen and wish to join the Teen Group, please let us know so we can give you the Teen Group orientation.


GROUP PRIVACY:  TVE uses the Facebook “Closed Group” setting which means anyone can find the group in a search, but cannot join, read or post without Administrator-approved membership.

      •    Please keep all TVE conversations within TVE.  If you wish to share a TVE message, please contact the original poster and ask for permission to post outside of TVE.

Posts to any TVE Facebook group must conform to these guidelines.  If an Administrator determines a post does meet these guidelines, s/he will delete the post.

      •    If you see posts with which you disagree, remember the diversity of our membership:  we ask that you ignore posts you have no interest in; and if you wish to respond, please respond respectfully.

      •    Please remember the diversity of our membership as you compose a message to TVE.

      •    Be aware of any potential “hot button” areas.  You could even include a disclaimer such as “I don’t want to start a discussion about XYZ.  I just wanted to share this resource for those interested.”

      •    The moderators will err on the side of keeping the group uncluttered … this is not the place to post cat videos.

      •    Members concerned about a post can select “Report to Admin” from the drop-down menu in the post OR tag an Administrator in a comment to the questionable post.

      •    Find the list of Administrators for each group in the Group Description.

      •    Conversations are not restricted to academics: we welcome conversations about family life as it relates to homeschooling.  Please don’t clutter the group with posts that are best-suited to your personal wall.  Inappropriate posts will be removed.

      •    If you have negative recommendations to share, do not do this on the Facebook group.   You may post that you have a negative recommendation to share and ask those interested to contact you via private message (PM).

      •    TVE has an open advertising policy, although this is not the primary focus of our group.   Posts to buy, sell, trade, free items, garage sales, class announcements, personal business advertisements, are welcome (not restricted to homeschooling or academics).  Any abuse of this generosity will be moderated by the administrators.  Compliant advertising will be few and infrequent; combine information into a single post whenever possible and limit reposting.

Questions?  Concerns? 
Contact the TVE Directors at <> or send a private message on Facebook to Lauri Falabella, Sarah Mero or Christina Sonas.