TVE Policy Regarding Advertising Classes

TVE supports sharing information about classes being offered to homeschoolers, especially classes offered by TVE members.  We also want to keep our messages group uncluttered.  To achieve both goals, here are our guidelines about posting upcoming classes.

If you are the organizer/instructor, you are welcome to post about your class ONCE prior to the term in which the class is offered.  If you are offering more than one class during a term, please announce all classes in one post.

If you still have openings in a class just prior to the term starting, you are welcome to post ONE post with information on openings in all classes being offered during the coming term.

If your term is a full school year, and openings arise which you would like to fill, you may post a message announcing mid-term slots are available.

Please post your class information according to these guidelines.  Thank you.

May 2018